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3D Print the Atmosphere

Capture environmental data. Generate 3D models. 
3D Print many unique objects. Build & Exhibit an Installation. 
Reward backers with the fabricated objects.



“We can QUANTIFY a local environment using sensors to capture
temperature, humidity, ambient light, noise, levels of carbon monoxide & nitrogen dioxide.
With algorithms, we can combine the data to QUALIFY that environment— is it
happy or sad, uplifting or depressing, bright or somber, fun or grim…?”


ATMOStags (ATMOSphere + TAG) tiles are VISUALIZATIONS of a local environment. Using additive manufacturing to fabricate the visualization’s physical representation, a place or event is TAGGED (marked), its atmosphere REVEALED.


FABMOBs|ATMOStag is an extension of the work that we (Jamil Mehdaoui and Brad Kligerman) have been doing for over 15 years as artists and architects. We challenge long held assumptions about architecture, space and technology by building with immaterials—atmospheres, weather, radio waves, digital media—to transform the physical world.


The project’s nascent COMMUNITY will be built from the convergence of MAKERs, and from SMART CITIZENS, people already experimenting with technologically mediated, environmental activism : socially networked post-digital natives, global actors who are locally engaged, early adopters, VIPs, the referred and rarified…


We’re asking the KICKSTARTER community to help us put the FABMOBs platform to the test by capturing a lot of DATA, generating many MODELS and printing massive amounts of OBJECTS in a controlled amount of time. The intended goal of this test is to reveal the platform’s strengths and weaknesses before its public roll out.


The FABMOBs platform was designed and built to enable your creativity. Current owners of 3D printers can use our sensor instrumentation & printing infrastructure to print unique content that goes way beyond what’s found online on craft or specialized sites. Environmental activists & physical scientists will be able to develop accurate tools for analysis & expression of local atmospheric conditions. Artists and designers will be able to develop their own projects using the hardware/software/sensor platform via our API.

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