3Dprinting: the evolution

  •  **1984**, THE BIRTH OF 3D PRINTING: stereolithography enabled a tangible 3D object to be created from digital data, allowing users to test a design before investing in a larger manufacturing program.
  • **1992**, LAYER BY LAYER: SLA (stereolithographic apparatus), a UV laser solidifying photopolymer, a liquid with the viscosity and color of honey that makes three-dimensional parts layer by layer. Complex parts can be manufactured overnight.
  • **1999**, ENGINEERED ORGANS: The first lab-grown organ is implanted in humans using a 3-D synthetic scaffold coated with their own cells.
  • **2005**, OPEN-SOURCE COLLABORATION & 3D PRINTING: RepRap is founded as an open-source initiative to build a 3D printer that can print most of its own components. The vision of this project is to democratize manufacturing by cheaply distributing RepRap units to individuals.
  • **2008**, THE FIRST SELF-REPLICATING PRINTER: RepRap Project releases Darwin, the first self-replicating printer that is able to print the majority of its own components.
  • **2008**, DIY CO-CREATION SERVICE LAUNCHES: Shapeways launches a private beta for a new co-creation service and community allowing artists, architects and designers to make their 3D designs as physical objects inexpensively.
  • **2009**, BIOPRINTING: a 3D bioprinter to print the first blood vessel.