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Project Notes

  • Why is 3Dprinting important to FABMOBs?
    Our work is inspired not only by architecture, but by big and small science, ancient and contemporary art, and cutting edge tech. We consider
  • What is the FABMOBs business model?
    FABmobs designs and builds 3d-printing platforms — printers, software, network — for companies whose production and distribution depends on
  • Why do DESIGNERS want to print atmospheres?
    For designers, it means that captured data will be coherently applied to the transformation of the mathematical representation of a three-dimensional
  • What’s in it for us backers?
    We want to show YOU how to — listen, see, and hear — the local environment that you and your family occupy, not just by observing that
  • INNOVATION : bottom-up
    "The new technology will be the first real challenge to the traditional top-down economics of mass production for manufactured goods." In the