DATAFLOW : synthesis

FABMOB is much more than simply an assemblage of its parts, it is a functioning system, a machine. It makes the captured data more useful. It imbues the fabricated object, a simple tile, with meaning. It translates a living system, the captured atmosphere, into a tangible representation. FABMOBs is NEITHER a bricolage nor a mashup, but a corporeal machine.1 2

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  1. “…there are many different types of machines. Some are designed and created by other machines like computers which are created by collectives of computer designers. Others are rather uninteresting (from a certain point of view) machines like atoms, quarks, rocks, and crystals. Others are alive, like trees, aardvarks (have to include them because they’re funny), people, corporations, universities, revolutionary groups, political parties, and red-ass orangoutangs. Other machines are incorporeal– though they always have a corporeal bodies –like scores of music, recipes, mathematical theorems, and the like.” ((Hypo)Theses of Machine-Oriented Ontology via Larval Subjects)
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