FABMOBs Partners

FABMOBs is a media and content creation company for digital fabrication. Our mission concerns FABrication, the technology of 3D printing, and MOBility, a portable medium and a mob of networked artists, artisans, craftsmen and designers of the digital manufacturing revolution. ATMOStag is an example of a FABMOBs’ project designed to show the company’s potential.

Jamil Mehdaoui & Brad Kligerman, the co-founders of FABMOBs, are independent architects living and working in Paris. Their work relates to the built environment and its convergence with digital media: the networked society, 3-D, new media, digital manufacturing, virtual life & the development of software (CAD), code/scripting for 3D (Rhino, Grasshopper, Blender).

We are an association of architects, programmers and curators doing independent research into digital media, visual arts and built environments : SPATIAL INQUIRY for the invention of new structural typologies. The projects all share a series of inherent, critical dualities : physical / digital, materials / immaterials, land / scapes, space / image, representation / communication…

  • Building w/immaterials, eCAADe
  • Transitive materials, MIT Press
  • Réalité Festival , Paris
  • Rinascimento Virtuale, Florence
  • Avant Travaux installation, Versailles
  • Vivere Vinezia, Musée Correr, Venise
  • TransArchitecture, Inst. français d’architecture, Paris, Berlin