INNOVATION : top-down

should you drive change from the top, or let things bubble up from the front lines?”1

The incipient impetus of the top-down New Industrial/Manufacturing Revolution2 will be created through costly institutional, applied research.3 The fruits of these discoveries will belong to those who financed the research, and laws will assure that those inventions will belong to them long enough to get paid back. Innovation in 3d printing4 will be a search for that which is cheaper, newer, more efficient and precise, healthier, in the cloud5, different or disruptive. FABMOBs | ATMOStag takes advantage of the open hardware and software movements, using tech in the public domain, and radicalizing its usages and usefulness.6

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  5. : connecting people who want to print to the people owning the machines.
  6. lisez ce texte en français