MATERIAL : living systems

But another way to think of materials is in terms of design synergy: the essential interaction of the fabricated object’s organization—form and material—to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate parts. FABMOBs is a creative process whose goal is to imbue the fabricated object with meaning through a combination of its form, and the texture, color and intelligence of its materials. The geometrical transformations that give the tiles their form, is informed by the physical environment of the printer1, as expressed by material composites2. Data is used to create specific geometric transformations, based on pre-determined algorithms, representing local environments; tile form is based on the combination of forms to create unique designs. FABMOBs | ATMOStag uses dynamic local atmospheres to form and inform design decisions: living systems imbuing materials with life.3

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  1. Measuring  temperature, humidity, noise, light, CO and NO2 of the immediate atmosphere
  2. Two college students invented an adapter that allows 3D printers to print in full color for less than $100 via Gigom
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