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Object Value

The Value of an ATMOStag Object

We take great pride in the creation, development and production of the FABMOBs|ATMOStag project, and in the fact that you, our backers, have supported us. Thus, we want the rewards we will be sending to you to be worth more than the price of a few hours of manpower, design intelligence and a few grams of bioplastic. Thus, we have plan, a way of assuring, and we believe augmenting the value of the objects you will be receiving. We plan to accomplish this through the continued exhibition of the ATMOStag_Installation in public spaces, galleries, festivals or institutions before being distributed to our backers. The value of the images, books, objects and events is based on the following qualities and actions:


Each 3D printed ATMOStag_TILE is accompanied by a hand-made silicon sheath. The sheath fills out the TILE, forming a rectangular cuboid that’s easier to ship. After pealing it away to reveal the TILE’s surface, we see that the sheath forms its double and negative. The TILE is the sheath’s mould, and its interior is both the double and negative of its complex geometry. It can be used to hold hold the TILE like a precious artefact. It is also a demonstration of 3D printing’s the multiple use cases, as both object and scaffolding, support and content, structure and envelope.


When you support the FABMOBs|ATMOStag project, you receive the tile’s license, which gives you the rights for future uses of this unique object with the following stipulations:

  • We can 3D print the TILE once, for its inclusion as part of the ATMOStag_INSTALLATION,
  • but the rights for its subsequent reproduction belong to you. Thus, once you receive the license, whenever the FABMOBs|ATMOStag project is exhibited or published, the royalties belong to you.


ATMOStag_Tiles are unique objects whose reproducibility is limited by the license agreement between you, our backers. Thus, they are both singular objects designed by experienced architects, artist, & designers, and they are valuable parts of a widely exhibited work of art that are also capable of functioning as beautiful decorative objects.


The objects created during this testing process will compose a work of art, an extension of the work that we have been doing for the past 15 years as artists and architects. The public exhibition of this installation brings value to each unique tile for having been a part of this œuvre.

Object Value