DATAFLOW : diagram

This project can be described by the quality and quantity of data flowing through the system, between external entities, processes, and data stores of the diverse components. This flux, or dataflow1, can be represented by a diagram to reveal the machine’s state. By fabricating an image2, of this diagram — the nodes and connections, computations and data, inputs and outputs… describes the system’s state at any instant, and creates a tangible representation of the FABMOB machine. FABMOBs | ATMOStag: The Diagram is the Machine34

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  1. “In computer programming, dataflow programming is a programming paradigm that models a program as a directed graph of the data flowing between operations, thus implementing dataflow principles and architecture…” via wikipedia
  2. Image, in this case, is being used as a general way to describe any physical or digital representation of the data. For example, this image can be said to represent the state of blood flow thorough a body-machine.
  3. This reference is inspired by the sound and video synthesis platform, Pure Data, and the Pure Data community, who used that as their tag-line.
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