TECHNICS : craft

“…the interplay of technologies with the specific social circumstances they arise from and lead to.”1

Technology is rooted linguistically in action (techne), or craft: making something versus knowing about it. Craft is about building things, and about building relationships. The vision: technology = craft + relationships — is a very contemporary idea of technology, observing it transcend the scientific, reaching across to its potential as a cultural force2. It is the harbinger of a shift from a knowledge based culture, towards the New Craft Culture, or “crafty knowledge”.3 Craft based cultures (and craft-based niches within a culture) depend on the direct interaction between craftsman and project: the materials, the tools and the professional environment. FABMOBs | ATMOStag is a hybrid media emerging from a natural convergence between automation (manufacturing) and customization (artisan).4

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  1. Technics and Civilization by Lewis Mumford
  2. This blog post of a lecture by Adam Greenfield recounts one example/story about the “diffusion of technology into human culture” based on a study of the adoption of the electric guitar.
  3. Tom Boellstorff, Crafty Knowledges, University of California.
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