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The Kickstarter Rewards

Kickstarter Rewards for Backers

  • FABMOBs|ATMOStag_INTRO-1You’re supporting the development of innovative content for 3D printing, and will be kept up-to-date via our newsletter of its evolution, and be cited at FABMOBs-dot-com as an early adopter.

  • rewards_paper

    A journal and a poster designed by Jamil + Brad from the drawings, photos, images, code and diagrams showing the creative process, workflow, vision, production and installation.

  • rewards_book

    A publication of the stories, drawings, photos, code, videos & bonuses videos of the community (i.e. your participation), creative process, workflow, production and installation—compiled as an ePublication.

  • ATMOSTAG_Paper-Ebook-201The ePublication [ATMOStag_BOOK] + the printed journal [ATMOStag_PAPER] mailed to you, our backers.

  • FABMOBsBData_for IMGATMOStag_IMG: not a mere image, but a virtual ATMOStag_TILE. It’s both digital wallpaper or a printable poster (on paper, that is) generated using the FABMOBs_SOFTWARE from the project’s atmospheric data & customized, like real tiles, for each backer. It’s even included in the ATMOStag installation… as a virtual tile, of course. You get private access to the project’s online presence.

  • FABMOBsBData_for IMGA virtual ATMOStag_TILE, as described above, that’s delivered with the code for 3D printing your tile. Transforming the digital into the physical, with this early bird special.

  • FABMOBsBData_for IMGAn ATMOStag_TILE, digital wallpaper & printable poster, and the code for 3D printing your tile. This is an ideal reward for Makers, thanks to whom 3D printing will find its voice.

  • ATMOStag_TILE 2.21 You will receive one TILE, a physical object, unique & customized for each backer, 3D-printed in biodegradable plastic, or bioplastic. In addition, you get private access, via FABMOBs|ATMOStag_ONLINE, to the project’s net presence. And, you will receive an ATMOStag_interACTIVE, the ePublication & ATMOStag_PAPER as thanks for your early bird participation.

  • rewards_metalTileOne 3D printed ATMOStag_TILE, the physical artifact + ATMOStag_ONLINE, the net presence + ATMOStag_BOOK, the digital publication containing the project’s data, form and information.

  • ATMOStag_TILE 2.71This is the same reward as above + ATMOStag_CODE, with gives you the 3D printable file with which you can reproduce the TILE, and makes you its license holder. Any & all future reproduction of the object, for exhibition, pays you royalties.

  • IMG_3302A series of four ATMOStag_TILEs.pla mounted on a decorative silicon stand (that serves to ship and protect them so nothing’s wasted…) + ATMOStag_NETWORK, the online installation + ATMOStag_interACTIVE at a special price for you, the early birds.

  • IMG_1730Four collectible TILEs + ATMOStag_NETWORK + ATMOStag_BOOK.

  • IMG_1742aThe same reward as above + ATMOStag_CODE, making this unique series of TILEs reproducible by you, and only by you, our backer.

  • rewards_metalTile002By backing this reward, you will be working with us experimenting with the project’s material representation. TILEs will be printed using either [robust stainless steel infused with bronze] or [ceramics fired and glazed with a non-toxic finish], it’s your choice + ATMOStag_NETWORK + ATMOStag_BOOK + ATMOStag_CODE.

  • KICKx700-Kickstarter015An early bird special for the design inclined backer. This series of eight TILEs is printed in bioplastic & mounted in silicon + ATMOStag_NETWORK + ATMOStag_BOOK + ATMOStag_CODE.

  • KICKx800-Rewards-203For galleries, institutions, schools or companies… that desire to innovate using 3D printing. This reward allows you to select a series of eight ATMOStag_CODEs & print them using your printer and your materials of choice. The tiles are licensed to you, which can then be integrated into the ATMOStag_INSTALLATION, attesting to your participation.

  • IMG_0380A series of eight ATMOStag_TILEs.pla printed in bioplastic + ATMOStag_NETWORK + ATMOStag_BOOK + ATMOStag_CODE, making this unique series reproducible… but only by you, our backer.

  • IMG_1730Four TILEs printed either in [robust stainless steel infused with bronze] or, [ceramics that is fired and glazed with a lead-free, non-toxic finish] + ATMOStag_NETWORK + ATMOStag_BOOK + you own the ATMOStag_CODE.

  • KICKx800 Rewards005A special offer for galleries, institutions, companies or schools… You get to own a block of 64 ATMOStag_CODEs that are printed in your fablab using materials of your choice. It’s your organization’s stress test. The tiles can then be integrated into ATMOStag_INSTALLATION, the large scale, public sculpture built thanks to the backers of this campaign.

  • 400_3dprinters 003You will receive everything FABMOBs|ATMOStag, including licensing, that is not physical. ATMOStag_BOOK + ATMOStag_PAPER + ATMOStag_CODE for all ATMOStag_TILEs + ATMOStag_3D, the 3D software for generating objects based on capturing an atmosphere…

  • rewards_exhibitionParticipate by diffusing innovative content for 3D printing. Before the ATMOStag_TILEs are distributed to our backers, we’ll design and send you the ATMOStag_INSTALLATION, with 50 copies of ATMOStag_PAPER, the printed journal that is the exhibition’s catalogue. The exhibition can be branded for your organization.

  • rewards_wrkshpThe workshop on Creative Content Fabrication, lead by Jamil + Brad, in your studio, classroom, conference room or research facility… anywhere in the free world. It’s a hands-on experience for artists, students, technology workers that can be branded for your organization’s center of interest, production needs, workflows or current projects.

  • rig 201he hardware (3D printer, sensors), software and network connectivity used to capture, process and print the ATMOStag_TILEs. Each RIG is designed and tested in our studio and sent to our backers. It will come with the ATMOStag_BOOK, the how-to for Creative Content Fabrication. The Rig is offered for sale, but it is in and of itself, a functional œuvre, an art machine, that other artist can use, but will always be attached to the FABMOBs|ATMOStag project.

  • KICKx800-Rewards014ATMOStag_WRK: commission an ATMOStag_INSTALLATION at any scale, on any site in the free world, for your institution, school, company or home.